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Mending Hearts Retreat is a divorce, grief and healing retreat. Offering a unique experience for individuals experiencing the hurt and pain of a relationship breakdown, divorce or grieving the loss of a deceased loved one. Through a range of individual and group therapy, coaching sessions and group social activities. The aim is for people to emerge from the healing retreat stronger and better prepared for the future.

Mending Hearts Retreat offers a holistic approach with activities designed to both heal and empower. As well as therapy sessions, there is a range of activities designed to bond the group and create lasting friendships once you leave.

Our healing retreats includes, daily group therapy, one-to-one therapy, hypnotherapy, social activities, excursions, overnight accommodation, 2-3 healthy nutritious meals a day, yoga and meditation. Plus it doesn't end there. Once the retreat is over we create a group on WhatsApp where we can all carry on supporting one another during those tough days and arrange trips away and social meet-ups. Mending Hearts Retreat was launched during the pandemic whilst I was personally going through my own divorce. I realised I had little support apart from close friends, but at the same time I also didn't want to burden them with my heartbreak. My idea to heal my broken heart was to run away and travel the world. Visit old friends in New York, Spain, Canada, Greece etc.. But as much as I loved travelling I was still running away and not dealing with my own feelings and grief of losing my husband so quickly and unexpectedly.




Divorce and separation can take you to a very dark and lonely place. I knew I was not the only one going through pain. When I finally came back down to earth I was broken into little pieces. I cried every day the moment I woke up until I fell asleep at night that's if I was lucky enough to fall asleep. It was during these times I decided to seek professional help from a relationship councillor to pull myself together and move forward. I was finally ready to accept divorce counselling to help release the hurt and to mend my broken heart. I booked myself into therapy and within weeks I started feeling stronger and more positive about my future on my own. It was during this time I came up with the idea of a divorce retreat and the idea then went into a grief retreat also.  I wanted to create a safe environment away from home to offer support and build new memories for people who were going through a similar situation either through a divorce, difficult break up or have been left bereaved and give people a sense of belonging and at the same time provide divorce and grief counselling. We first started off in East Sussex in 2020 and have now taken the retreats across the world. We have since done retreats in Spain, Greece and Morocco. We are now looking at adding Portugal for 2024. I have found that taking the retreats worldwide, the group not only get to enjoy the benefits of a crash course in therapy while meeting new friends, they also get to enjoy a holiday away from home in the sunshine. When you lose your partner, not only do you lose your best friend, but you also lose your travel partner.  Our aim is to help you gain new friends, find the confidence to travel again get re-energised and fill the void by giving you the opportunity to learn how to travel on your own and rebuild your life so that you can finally let go and move forward.



When you lose your partner not only do you lose your best friend, but also your travel partner. Therefore by taking our healing retreats international, it provides an opportunity to enjoy a holiday with new friends.


Daily Group Therapy

On the first day of arrival, the group will be assessed individually before the group counselling sessions the following day. It helps our counsellor understand everyones personal circumstances and it helps ease any anxiety one my have before the group sessions begin.


Leave With New Friends

Once the healing retreat is over  the group feel relaxed, happier and  stronger, leaving with new friends. But it doesn't end there. We set up a WhatsApp group to keep everyone connected and supporting one another and organise regular meet ups.

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The way to healing a broken heart is to talk about it. Our main focus at our retreats is group therapy but we also offer the option for one-to-one sessions for those who need a little extra time with our therapist. The sessions are focused on how to deal with and overcome grief, anxiety and taking back your life ready to move on with the next chapter.


Going through a break up, divorce or bereavement is the most difficult and saddest experience to ever go through in our adult life. We invest 100% into our partners and family but when that person is suddenly taken away from us it can have a tremendous effect on our lives and our well being. By introducing yoga & meditation into your daily routine it can help clear tension, stress and help provide the ability to think more clearly and help you rediscover yourself.

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It's just as important for our wellbeing to add a little bit of fun to the retreat. This also helps bond the group. Sightseeing trips, lunches, workshops, social meet ups even after the retreat.


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