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Greece May 2022

After just 2 years of launching Mending Hearts Retreat and with a pandemic hopefully behind us we finally got to have our first ever international retreat back in May. For the past 2 years, we've been hosting Mending Hearts in the beautiful English countryside of East Sussex. No retreat is the same, some can be more challenging than others, but as long as we keep going we become stronger and better each time. March was so much fun, we had a lovely bunch of women 10 in total, but sadly no men this time which was very unusual. Anita was back doing was she does best, cooking for the comfort hearted and always around when we need a hug and a laugh. We all bonded very quickly and we all made some wonderful life long friends. Our most recent one was in Greece in May, on the beautiful island of Paros at the stunning Okreblue Yoga Retreat. Paros isn't the easiest of islands to travel to and instead of travelling a full day in and out of airports along with a lot of waiting around, a few of us decided to avoid the lengthy travel and made a short stopover in Athens, and compliment the trip by seizing the opportunity to visit the Acropolis. It was truly a magnificent sight and definitely worth a visit. After a couple of hours walking around with a tour guide we all headed off and enjoyed a superb Greek lunch. Meeting before the retreat is something we've not done before therefore, it was a first and a great opportunity for the group to meet beforehand. It helped ease their anxiety and when we arrived at the retreat, everyone seemed relaxed and comfortable with one another. We had daily group therapy each morning, yoga & meditation in the afternoon. Daily trips into Naoussa and completed the trip off with a beautiful boat trip around the islands. The boat trip was truly magical, and it was so lovely to watch everyone bond and share their stories. Our next retreat is scheduled for 16-21 October 2022 in Valencia, Spain. Five nights of luxury accommodation, yoga & mediation, daily group therapy, one-to-one therapy, hypnotherapy, three meals a day, two excursions, plus return transfers from Valencia Airport. The retreat is aimed at helping those who have experienced heartbreak and loss through divorce and bereavement. For more information please click here


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