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  • gillydasilva

What an Amazing Weekend!

Wow, what an amazing weekend we had!

We laughed, we cried and bonded, whilst having the most fun. The weekend couldn't have gone better. The group were amazing and so were our grief and divorce coaches and our superstar therapist Heather Mallery. Thank you to Stephanie Corking and Karen Sutton our life, grief and divorce coaches who made a strong and positive impact to the weekend, but if we had to choose one who stole the show, it would have to be our therapist Heather Mallery who was one of the first to show up, after having driven her car into a ditch (this was just the beginning).

The group formed a really strong bond with Heather over the four days and it was really good to see everyone relaxed. It was definitely a life changing experience for all and to find such a strong team on the first event is incredible and it just show's how much needed and how far this can go to help others. The guest's left saying it was a life changing experience and that's exactly what we intended to do. Thank you to everyone that attended and to all the team that worked so hard to make it really special and memorable. Ever lasting friendships where made and no doubt will continue to grow.



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