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Mending Hearts Retreat Spain 2022

I have just returned from yet another fabulous retreat but this time in Spain. It was only our second time abroad, the first international retreat was in Greece earlier this year in May. It was also a pleasure to welcome back our frequent fliers, Janey, Darren, Marcus, Jacqui and Sam along with some new faces Katie and Alison. Some of us met in Valencia and enjoyed a lovely paella lunch on the beach and got to enjoy the city a little before heading to t The retreat was just a little outside Valencia. We booked it via Lucia Yoga who have a few venues in southern Spain. Molly the host was incredible and was extremely helpful with our requests. Molly is also a great yoga instructor and kept it gentle for the group. All the staff made the whole group relaxed during their stay. Nothing was too much trouble and being so accommodating took away a lot of anxiety. The team at Lucia Yoga are very professional and really do know how to take care of you. The communication and organisation was great all the way through and made the process a lot easier. This is our 6th retreat and each one is different, some are tougher than others especially when you are dealing with people are grieving and left heartbroken. What I love about my healing retreats is how much it helps people who have had their hearts broken, either from a divorce, difficult break up of have been left bereaved. They really do help mend a broken heart.

Meeting new people and watch them leave as friends, is what really encourages me to carry on. It's a very satisfying feeling watching people leave, feeling more positive about their futures and ready to embark on the next chapter. I was especially pleased to see Heather our councillor back after her bout of illness. She really does give something to the team and everyone really enjoys her work and gets a lot from it, which is extremely important. She puts a lot of love and time into everyone and is very genuine and this is what people see and feel. The retreat lasted for five nights and six days.Yoga and meditation would be the first things we would do in the morning, and then the group would have to do two hours of group therapy after breakfast. After lunch, we take a break to go to the spa or get a massage. For those who require additional time with the therapist, we also provide one-on-one therapy. After a hypnotherapy session in the afternoon, dinner and a much-needed glass of wine round out the day. Additionally, I believe it is essential to include some sort of excursion to conclude the trip. It not only strengthens the group's bond, but it also brightens up the trip. When we went on our retreat to Greece, we all went out for the day on a boat. This time, since we were going to a new location in Spain, I decided to change things up a little and add some Spanish culture to the trip. I booked us all tickets to a flamenco show and dinner, and everyone enjoyed it very much.

We are now looking forward to the next retreat in Bali 4-11 February and will also look at doing another retreat in Europe for 2023.

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